Dispodyn Provides AI-driven Inventory Management

Our objective is to outperform cost and service levels in your inventory management.



Use AI to Drive Total Value of Each Stock-Keeping-Unit

The Dispodyn-Stock© algorithms optimize the inventory and updates continuously with demand



Reduce Inventory Costs, Free Up Working Capital, and Ensure Delivery Performance

Dispodyn Inventory Optimization applies advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization algorithms to help industries reduce inventory, while maintaining agreed or contracted delivery service levels. They will have stock when, and where, they need it, precisely adjusted to their inventory and supply performance KPIs.

Many firms often deal with thousands of stock-keeping-units (SKU) to serve their markets and customers. Consumption-based replenishment strategies require material planners to oversee many parts to ensure on time and in full delivery performance. As consequence many firms have significant excess inventory on hand to be able to fulfill their orders. Even in many supply scenarios that run in deterministic mode, demand-driven strategies play out better.

Traditionally, companies have deployed Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software solutions as part of their ERP suite. It supports planning and automated inventory management. However, most MRP software solutions were not designed to optimize inventory levels by continuously learning from data and manual intervention leads to sub-optimal inventory and supply performance.

Dispodyn Inventory Optimization solves this problem by considering several real-world uncertainties including variability in demand, supplier delivery times, supplier delivery volumes, available stock due to quality issues, and other factors. The application dynamically and continuously optimizes reorder parameters and minimizes inventory holding and overall logistics costs for each part.



Real-time Parameters

Get real-time recommendations to optimize reorder parameters by part, by category or by location.


Optimize your Inventory Performance

Specify the delivery performance and the risk of stock-out for any part to optimize inventory.


Full Integration into Your ERP Suite

A bi-directional connection to your ERP source systems allows to update reorder parameters dynamically.


KPI performance view

Monitor SKUs with a range of KPIs such as actual vs. optimal inventory and actual vs. recommended reorder parameters.


Scalability to millions of parts

Optimize your SKU portfolio individually with inventory of millions of parts across the operator’s global footprint.


“What-if” scenario planning

Define scenarios for your inventory management strategy and understand potential business implications of changing reorder parameters.

Our Team

Robert K. Diab

Co-Founder and Head of Product. Enthusiastic to get AI technology and services into enterprises.


Dr. Jan Philipp Hummen,

Co-Founder and CTO. Has focussed most of his business life on extracting insight from data.



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